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Patience Anderson is an Atlanta-based graphic designer. With nearly 10 years of design experience, Patience holds a unique combination of graphic design and video editing skills. She currently serves as the graphic designer at Swirl Films where she is able to combine her passion and creativity to create key art, sizzles, trailers, reels, title treatments, and anything else that requires a designer’s touch.  Her keen attention to detail and eye for typography allows her to create stunning visuals that propel projects to the next level.

Education is vital to her, and she is constantly looking for ways to gain knowledge and become more proficient as a person and a designer. Patience graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. She is continuing her education at SCAD pursuing a Master of Arts in Motion Media Design. When she isn’t designing, she enjoys illustrating, writing poetry, skating, and photography.

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